On beautiful days, World BBQ festivals return traditionally. Using barbecue for cooking should be vigilant. Indeed, cooking at high temperatures can lead to the formation of chemical compounds on the surface, some of which are carcinogenic. In addition, summer and heat are often associated with an increased risk of foodborne illnesses, some of which may be associated with poor barbecue practices. Also, so that you can take advantage of this cooking method by reducing these risks.

BBQ cookoff. The risk of excessive food exposure to chemical compounds (such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs) when using barbecue is limited if the principles for using devices on the market are followed, as well as certain cooking recommendations. In addition, following a few simple hygiene practices avoids the risk of foodborne infections.

Recommendations To avoid the formation of chemical compounds Correctly adjust the cooking height: to avoid the formation of pyrolytic derivatives of amino acids, food should be cooked under the influence of the heat of coals, and not direct contact with fire. Do not exceed the cooking temperature of about 220 ° C: for this, place at least 10 cm of charcoal on the grill in case of horizontal barbecue or choose a model of vertical barbecue. Avoid losing fat on fire. The less meat, the lower the risk of formation. Loss of fat from meat on charcoal can cause flames and fumes, which contribute to contact with a piece of meat. Cover the hearth with a light carpet of ash or remove any visible grease from the meat. Do you use firefighters?

BBQ cookoff. Remember that they are designed to facilitate the ignition of charcoal to form good coals and should never be used for ignition. Wait until they are completely burned before putting the meat on the grill. Do you often use charcoal barbecue? Avoid using clean coal rather than regular coal.

To avoid food poisoning. Store the meat for cooking in the coldest part of the refrigerator and remove it at the last minute. Wash your hands thoroughly and dry them before and after processing the raw meat. For example, to avoid transferring microorganisms from raw meat to cooked meat or raw vegetables, use a board for slicing raw meat and a second board for other foods. In addition, do not use cookware and utensils that were used for cutting and transporting raw meat to serve after cooking. During a barbecue or picnic, do not store leftover foods for more than two hours at room temperature before refrigerating. Clean grills and grease traps for electric grills regularly. Do you want to cook a bird? It is always necessary to eat well cooked to the depths of the soul: meat should not be pink and do not cling to bones. Pre-bake large pieces with a bone before frying. Lovers of minced meat, meatballs, sausages, etc.? This meat must be cooked close to the heart, because pathogenic bacteria can survive if cooking is not completed.

Keep in mind! – It is forbidden to use a barbecue indoors (for example, in a garage) or in windy weather. – Keep close to what to extinguish the flame in case of accident (bucket, fire extinguisher …). – Watch the fire and make sure that it is extinguished after use. – If you are a parent, consider taking the children away. – Make sure the device is stable and use a long fork to extract food. – Never use flammable liquids or foods (burnt alcohol, ignition, etc.) to ignite the fire of your barbecue.

World BBQ festivals. The biggest barbecue festival is coming back, and it will be the return of fire! This is the requirement of the fifth edition, the most anticipated event of the year among barbecue enthusiasts. A claim and a logo (a fiery heart pierced by a fork) that effectively express passion and fervor, which revive thousands of grill lovers who have been waiting for a year to finally leave all vehicles. and the impulse that only true passion can create in the world of baking, surrounded by those who experience the same feelings and the same fervor.In fact, there will be ten days of complete immersion in unmistakable aromas and aromas of the grill, days when you can devote the most fascinating events and abandon them: from seminars to guided tastings, courses and culinary shows held by the largest international grills. to competitions and culinary competitions, as well as special events with educational and cultural initiatives, all in the rhythm of music with concerts. Also this year, the world leader in barbecue, will contribute by providing experience, passion and … grilling at will! But not simple “tools” for the grill, but “sublimators of aromas, creators of emotions, unforgettable moments.”