In the article, we will handle the best techniques and tricky things happening when you have to cook BBQ for your family and friends.

Main types of cooking barbecue

The first step of cooking barbecue applies to choosing the right type of grill. Take into account the following points of gas and charcoal systems to select the perfect type for your special occasion.

Let’s run through the main features of the gas type:

  • Pricing is affordable
  • Easy to run and clean the grill
  • Convenient to transport in any places
  • Smoky flavour point

Charcoal barbecue options:

  • Complicated cleaning of the grill parts
  • Dealing with real fire
  • Difficult to raise the instant temperature
  • Require to be preheated for half an hour

After you choose the best portable grill it’s time to get it on!

  • Clean the grill thoroughly
  • Two types of portable BBQs have to be preheated (10 minutes to a gas grill, and 20 minutes to charcoal barbecue) before turning on
  • You should brush the grate before and after grilling
  • Oil the grate carefully, canola oil would be the best.
  • With a clean and hot grill, you may start preparing food and classic meat with lines.

Best recipes for cooking BBQ

What is the best food for cooking on the grill? Everyone knows about preparing charming steaks and sandwiches. What about the other recipes including different food items. Here you can view the most delicious ones which you should try:

  • Grilled cheese on sticks looks glorious
  • Try vegetables on a grill (putting slices of your favourite vegetable on the sticks would be stunning)
  • The popular corn on the cob would be a great start for trying something crispy and flavorful
  • Caramelized onions wrapped in bacon are really stunning
  • Make your lunch more relaxing with grilled beef sandwiches
  • Salmon is considered the best fish for preparing on fire
  • Grilled pizza is more appetizing than one cooked at home

Now you can learn some essential tips for the better cooking process:

  1. Always use spatulas to move the pieces of meat to avoid losing the juices. When you run the process with a fork your meat would be tough.
  2. Control the temperature so that you can flip food from both sides once.
  3. If you prefer a smoky flavour, put your wood chips into the water for a while.
  4. Hickory and oak wood chips are appreciated to be perfect for BBQ.
  5. To make your food really spice, put some herbs directly onto the grate but soak them in water before.

Before grilling meat it is required to make a special marinade for luxurious taste. Vinegar, soy sauce, chili peppers, and brown sugar are the best ingredients. While grilling, add some sesame oil and oyster sauce to achieve delicious goodness. When you put pieces on the sticks the BBQ seems to be addictive. A delightful combination of tastes makes you feel satisfied with your spicy grilled meat.