Tips on how to cook BBQ right. This is the time of year when everyone is trying to take full advantage of the good air and the activities that accompany it. One of these events, of course, is the traditional summer barbecue, an ideal opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal with or without drinks. This summer medal, however, has a drawback: summer temperatures are favorable for the development of all types of microorganisms, and this, of course, takes place in delicious meat products. Other guests, such as insects, also use them, and they do not make it difficult. So that this moment of great fun does not end in a very unpleasant way, you must follow some rules, which we present to you below.

Things to consider while choosing BBQ. Training. Do not buy ingredients such as fresh meat, fish, chopped foods, too much in advance. Write them all at the end of your shopping list. Attention, in the car it can be very hot not only in the cabin, but also in the trunk. Therefore, use a frigobox or an insulated bag with cooling elements. Go straight to your home and place the food immediately in the refrigerator or freezer. If you are using frozen foods, in the meantime, remove them from the freezer and defrost them in the refrigerator. If you still want to defrost at the last moment, cook in the microwave. If you want to pickle food, cover them and refrigerate them. Large pieces of meat or poultry are preferably cut or pre-cooked.

Accompanying (salads, cold potatoes, cold pasta, etc.) Can be prepared in advance, but will remain in the refrigerator until serving. The same goes for homemade desserts or ready-to-eat desserts that should be kept in a cool place. Do not remove them from the refrigerator until the end of the meal. Do not use the same board for slicing vegetables and slicing meat and fish. Turn on the grill on time and let the charcoal burn for 15 minutes before putting food on the grill.

Tips on how to cook BBQ right. Do not take out of the refrigerator until barbecue dishes are prepared. Place them as far away from the kebab and, if possible, in the shade. Beware of cross contamination! Meat, fish and poultry always contain a certain amount of bacteria. When these ingredients come in contact with ready-to-eat foods, these bacteria can transmit these foods. Always store raw meat separately from prepared meals. After cooking, do not leave the dishes for too long, put them in the refrigerator. If, in spite of everything, they remain at room temperature, it is better to abandon them.

Cook sliced foods such as sausages, fish, chicken, turkey, veal and pork. If the product is carbonized on the outside, this does not necessarily mean that it is well prepared indoors.

Things to consider while choosing BBQ. Pieces of meat or fish are carbonized, it is not very appetizing, but, in addition, it is not good for health. This is something we can avoid by applying the following guidelines.

  • Make sure that the distance between the grill and charcoal is sufficient, if possible, from 25 to 40 cm.
  • Thoroughly clean the grate and make sure that it no longer sticks to the charred pieces from the previous barbecue.
  • Wait for the preparation so that there is no more flame and no ash layer is formed, only then the right moment will come to put the food on the wire rack.
  • Turn over pieces of meat or fish regularly. – Use as few foods as possible surrounded by a layer of fat, as the fat may melt and cause a flame.
  • You can wrap fatty foods in aluminum foil or put them in small aluminum dishes, the bottom of which is made with holes specifically designed to collect molten fat. Through the holes, the food is still saturated with the typical aroma of charcoal.
  • Lubricate pickled foods as well, as marinade can cause flames due to flow.
  • Combustion boosters also cause flames. Do not use during cooking.

Use a small amount of woody tree. The secret to successful smoking is to use only a small amount of smoking coal; some pieces to spread the taste. Too much smoke can give a pungent or bitter taste to your food. Also keep in mind that smoke enters your food, even if you do not see smoke coming out of the barbecue. The innovative shape and design of the airflow creates a moist cooking environment. Therefore, you do not need to add water or liquid during the smoking process, as its thick-walled tank traps smoke and moisture at any temperature. You will definitely get tender and tasty meat.