The article will cover the best japanese bbq and the main features of Japanese cuisine.

Japanese cuisine peculiarities

The Japanese cuisine has been changing for centuries, being influenced by social issues. For this reason, it has unique cooking techniques and stunning seasoning that lead to an excellent combination with bright Japanese design for restaurants. Presentation of the dishes and the quality of preparation procedure is of utmost importance. The typical ingredients for national food are:

  • Rice
  • Meat
  • Vegetable
  • Fish

What are the main facts of Japanese cuisine you should know before going to the restaurant?

  1. Raw food cooking ideas are very popular being served in sushi.
  2. Chopsticks are used directly with most Japanese dishes but some formal events appeal to proper usage of sticks avoiding holding them vertically towards the food.
  3. Almonds and dried sardines are appreciated to be the best snacks.
  4. In most Japanese restaurants fish is kept alive in big aquariums and is prepared just after you have ordered it.
  5. Traditional meals contain rice, served with delicious BBQ, fish, or vegetables.
  6. The amusing miso soup should be eaten before other dishes.
  7. American food chains are revealed in Japanese pizza with corn and seafood.

Japanese BBQ ideas

The taste of authentic grilled meat would be the brilliant option to feel the touch of culture for serving dishes and enjoying the process of preparing the BBQ. Yakiniku is a name of favourable barbecue in Japan that is translated as “grilled meat”. Yakiniku restaurants are of top priority to foreigners. Friendly atmosphere and a unique possibility to view the preparation of first-class meat on fire.

Chicken and pork cuts sliced into thin pieces are served at the restaurants. It takes little time to cook the meat and easy to bite small pieces of overwhelming grilled meat. Two options of ordering are presented in yakiniku establishments. You can ask for the big plate of meat that you can taste in a certain time of ninety minutes or choose your plate of selected meat. The first variant is more entertaining when going out with friends.

How is your meat cooked?

  1. The waiter turns on the grill and gives you a plate of raw meat that you have already chosen.
  2. Look for the right temperature of your grill and start cooking.
  3. It’s better to take your meat aside from the grill to avoid going up flames.
  4. Ask the waiter what is the best way for cooking techniques of different kinds of meat.
  5. Prepare Yakiniku for each member of your friends’  company. Viewing the process is magic to some extent.
  6. When your grilled meat is ready, start eating it with a special sauce.
  7. Kimchi and spinach salad would make your Yakiniku taste better. It can also go without any vegetables as the complete meal of the Japanese cuisine restaurant where you can eat your delicious grilled meat dipping it in different kinds of sauce.
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