Difference between BBQ, grill, and brazier. Have a summer barbecue! Before the first grill of the season, spend an hour or two to make sure your barbecue is in perfect condition. Take the time to clean and inspect the gas grill to extend its life and make sure you are ready for the sensational grill season! Just follow the simple steps below and your barbecue will work like new in no time.

BBQ cooking styles. Remove all grills and burners and use a stiff bristle brush to remove accumulated grease in the oven. Use a barbecue cleaner, clean the oven inside and out and rinse with water. Never use an oven cleaner on your grill; it causes corrosion and can damage other elements. Step 2 Inspect the burners, making sure that there are no rust spots between the elements. If so, it’s time to replace it.

Clean all clogged holes with a toothpick, being careful not to damage the holes. Check the igniter contacts to make sure they are not rusted and loose, and remove any dirt from the electrode. Then clean the venturi tubes with a venturi brush. It is extremely important to keep these pipes clean. Spiders love to make canvases in these pipes, creating an obstacle that can damage them. Step 3 Inspect the heating device, if you have a heating plate, remove any accumulated grease and make sure that the holes are not rusted. Step 4 Check the grids and make sure that the solder is not broken, and remove any residue. If you have cast-iron grills, cover them with oil to prevent food from sticking and to prevent rust. Step 5 Inspect the gas hose to check for cracks or leaks.

This can be done by preparing a solution of water for washing with half and water and cleaning the connections with the hose and valve of the propane cylinder. Slowly turn the tank and look for bubbles. This will indicate that there is a leak. Try tightening the connections and retest. If leakage persists, all gas must be replaced. Step 6 Finally, check the condition of the control buttons, thermometer and knobs. Replacing small items such as these can restore your barbecue and make it new again.

Specifications: Our products are standardly made from CorTen steel sheets 2 or 3 mm thick. Delivered raw and placed on the outside, the steel oxidizes naturally on the surface and is coated with a rust film, which gives the texture and warm color an authentic and natural hue. This surface film protects the metal from any new corrosion and guarantees a particularly long product life.

Advantages: – Reliability and durability – It is possible to use indoors under conditions – Warm and unique appearance created by the weather – Handmade quality – Double folding cans for a pleasant finish and a larger size Reliability – the pots are supplied as standard with 15 mm “invisible” legs and holes for drainage. Optional: – Ability to measure for many models. – Available in 3, 4, 5 or 6 mm thickness. – Supply or installation of a corrosion accelerator. – Supply or installation of a retainer to stop and stabilize oxidation. The products are supplied in dark black untreated steel (see image opposite) and should be regularly in contact with water. the first weeks.

Corrosion is active during the first four months, during which it is recommended to protect the edges from possible dripping. Patina formation (6 to 8 weeks) can be accelerated with a suitable product. Maintenance. One of the great advantages of steel is that it does not require special maintenance. For optimal durability, it is important to avoid constant contact with the blades and moisture retention inside the tank, which is avoided in our products by legs and drainage holes. Clay balls and other similar products should be avoided.

BBQ cooking styles. The barbecue season can begin … Creative recipes, delicious barbecue sauces, and many products that help make your barbecue a success. The barbecue season may begin. We offer everything you need for a successful offer: original ideas for recipes, a special assortment of barbecue and a selection of products from our assortment. For the recipes presented here, we have combined these products so that you can easily create an attractive and varied grill offer with timeless favorites, or beginners such as lentil burgers.